Blame it on Ventriloquist Paul Winchell , Saturday Night Live , Nick at Night and Cartoon Network and many other popular influences and you get Sylvia Fletcher Comedy Actress/Ventriloquist. Sylvia would probably not have asked for a puppet and created a variety of hilarious characters, would not have practiced the art of ventriloquism for hours on end, and would probably not have become a talented puppet master. This would have been an enormous loss to the Thousands of families, who have enjoyed her unique and fun-filled show today.

How It All Started

Sylvia, who now makes her home in the Saratoga Springs, NY region, tours throughout the World with the Magic Trunk, a well traveled box inhabited by a bunch of quick-witted puppets and inanimate objects that she comically brings to life through ventriloquism. Whether she stops at Theaters, Resorts, Corporate Events, Family Venues, the young and young at heart are treated to a show where, they can believe that a puppet can truly talk .

To hear her tell it, Sylvia's path into ventriloquism and entertaining was quite normal. Growing up in Los Angeles, California with great Ventriloquist Paul Winchell, Jeff Dunham and many others , she developed a love for puppets. At the age of five, she asked her parents for "Willie Talk", her very first vent figure.

Willie came with a book on how to become a ventriloquist, and she studied the lessons in that book, practicing every day to become as proficient as possible.

"Its the only way you can do it," she insisted. "I read a lot. I practiced, and that's how I learned it."

Before too long, she was performing for her family and at talent shows, which soon led to "Leon", a semi-professional vent figure. Backed by her friends Willie and Leon, Sylvia began to accumulate some of her life's little victories. In fifth grade, for instance, she entered a talent contest at school and won. A few years later, in her freshman year of high school, she ran for Freshman President. With Leon as her campaign manager , they went up in front of the school, gave a speech, and captured the position with ease.

When Sylvia was 17 years old, her father bought her Sonny, her first professional vent figure. In many respects, her father set her on the path she travels today by being so supportive of her talents. She recalled how he would, unbeknownst to her, put her vent figures in the trunk of the family car. When she would say that she couldn't perform because she didn't have her characters, he would produce them from the trunk of the car. She says they laugh about his antics today, and recognize his support in her career development.

She continued to pursue her interest as an Actress/ Ventriloquist while pursuing a career in the Business world. Eventually her love of entertainment brought her back to performing.

Sylvia has now been performing professionally for about 15 years , bringing her act to Theaters, Resorts, Schools, Corporations, Fairs, and other venues .

Recently, she has more or less retired her traditional vent figures, choosing instead to entertain with a variety of Professional Puppets. Her cast of characters includes "Smoulder" a Hilarious Stega-Dragon ..."Portia" a Beautiful Outrageous Diva ...."Chito" a Slick Latino opossum , and many many more out of this World puppets , talking objects including Lots of hysterical Audience Participation bits.

She said she has no particular favorite puppet, she loves them all because they are all so different and original. While she pieces all of her characters together taking elements from her own life, her California Roots or the characteristics of her own experiences in Corporate America , she is careful to ensure that all of her characters are unique unto themselves.

The Fletcher Family

Sylvia Fletcher (Markson was her old stage name) resides in Satatoga Springs , New York and enjoys spending time with her family, Husband Christopher Fletcher, two boys Eric and Evan, and their 4 dogs 2 cats . My family is the most important thing to me. When were not on the road, we enjoy spending time on our homestead riding four wheelers, shooting bows, playing tennis, going to movies etc.. . Husband Chris who is heavily involved with the shows Management , Production and Comic MC for the show is also a Professional Archer who shoots professionally and was once ranked as high as 6th in the world.

I am thankful everyday for the opportunity to be able to make people laugh and I am also fortunate that it allows me to spend more time with my family while on the road!!

Chris and Sylvia - Educational Expertise

Sylvia's husband Chris has a Masters of Science degree in Instructional Technology and Media Management along with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Teacher Education. He is a New York State Tenured Teacher who was heavily involved with Curriculum Development and Regents Test writing for The NYS Education Department. His expertise and experience in curriculum development along with Sylvia's remarkable talents in delivering the programs through her art of Ventriloquism blend together to deliver the most educationally exciting show in the schools today. Students love the show and teachers and principals alike are both amazed and excited about this ensemble of talent and their ability to deliver these programs in an educationally exciting, stimulating and funny way.

While growing up in California, Sylvia used puppets and ventriloquism to entertain herself. She learned the skill entirely From reading books and practicing, a fact that she stresses on school and library visits. Sylvia never outgrew her puppet passion. Today , she uses puppetry to inspire and entertain children to do something worthwhile, READ!!!!