Character Description:

These are the Many Exciting Characters that you might see in our Shows.

Main Characters:

These Characters are usually in every Show.

Smoulder the Stega Dragon

Lively, Lovable and a whole lot of fun !! Smoulder is a Stega-Dragon ....Part Stegosaurs, part Dragon, which proves to be an unruly combination. He lives with his side kicks in the Magic Trunk. Smoulder's ultimate dream in life is to be the STAR of the Show (which he is) and he lives that dream every day. Smoulder is as optimistic and earnest as a Stega-Dragon gets, but he can't seem to avoid getting himself, and usually everyone else around him, into trouble. While trying too hard, he tends to do things wrong...really wrong...which usually spells "disaster". However, Smoulder's always looking on the bright side of life; his enthusiasm and curiosity about the world make him downright irresistible!

Portia...... The Actress/Diva

(Ethel Mae Dunkelmeyer) born and raised somewhere near Las Vegas (even she doesn't know ?) Fled to NY with her Mother in tow.

Portia now her stage name.... is one of the central characters on "The Magic Trunk Show". She is Lovable, rather full of herself, and under the impression that she is bound for a life of fame and stardom. Nothing will hold her back. While her face is the soul of feminine charm, she is in need of anger management classes at times. If she ever feels as if she is being thwarted or insulted, Portia tends to let it be known . She loves being in love and falls in love at every show, but doesn't quite know how to choose correctly, only tending to just follow her Big heart.

Juan and Juanita

Audience participants lead the parts of Juan and Juanita. A Hilarious skit of improv that is unique to each show. Juan and Jaunita are the lively Mexican couple that Love to Fiesta and Nothing can stop these Party Animals !!

( A true piece of tradition that Sylvia grew up with as a Latina)

The Big Babies

Audience Participants lead these Big Babies to a World that is so Memorable and Funny it makes some people cry with laughter. A unique Masterpiece performed by the original Creator of "The Big Babies".


A Mexican Opossum. Originally from Tijuana has a Mexican American accent and, loves his Mexican Opssumness and Culture . He frequently portrays himself as having come from humble origins while growing up and feasting in trash cans on the Mexican border. He acts and thinks he's human and tries to grasp human ways but doesn't always succeed. His condition can be suppressed through his warped humor which leads to some funny unpredictable side effects.

And other Awesome Voice Illusions and Talking Inanimate Objects.

Other New and Exciting Characters that you might See !!!


Carlie is that little child that everyone knows and loves. A plucky, generous, compassionate and optimistic little girl who can hold her own against bullies and has a strong intuitive sense of right and wrong. Carlie has the endearing characteristics of a lively, spunky, and honest curiosity of a five year old. Her energy, persistence and humor remind us why we need a babysitter every now and then.

The Amazing Steve ......A Genie

Amazing Steve will be the first to tell you how Amazing he THINKS he really is. Guru of all trades Master of None. His first and foremost position in life is that of a Genie and Fortune Teller...but only to the Rich and Famous. Fun-loving, powerful , compassionate, funny, adventurous, flamboyant, energetic, boisterous, larger-than-life, loyal, and kind hearted are words used to describe the incomparable "Amazing Steve".

Douglas......The Beast

Douglas is a typical monster who tries his best to fit the stereotype but his charm and charisma shine through to display his lovable , non-threatening personality. He has been plucked out of the dreams of our Carlie and thrust into her world to become her playmate despite his unwillingness and drive to be a true monster. Carlie's little girl games haunt him and keep him in hiding and on the run from Carlie.

Fred.....The Carney

A Tribute Character in Memory of an incredible fun loving carney named "Fred". Fred is the amazing carnival attendant who operates the Ferris Wheel. This Carney Character pokes fun at the world of the carnival, its crazy characters, and the fun loving , caring people who put your family first when it comes to safety and their rides. Fred lived his life having a Good time with his carnival family and the people he met along the way at the fairs. Fred will share with you his outlook on life while giving you the inside scoop of how things get done here in the carney world.

GodFried.... The Alien

Godfried is a complacent space alien that is here to "Take Over The World". As dark and mysterious as Godfried "THINKS" he is, in reality he is a real marshmallow at heart. Flying around in his spectacular space craft decked out in lights, music, smoke effects (Really, we have a flying puppet in the show), he talks a game that he just isn't capable of fulfilling. Full of threats and promises he always falls short of his goal of "Taking Over The World". - COMING THIS SUMMER.

Momma.....Portia's Mother

A 65-year-old buxom with long dark hair, purse-lips, and attitude to spare takes the stage by surprise. Older, mature and trying to hide the fact that she has been around the block a few times, Momma is Controlling, Smart Alecky, and full of Snappy retorts. A typical Stage Mom who really has no idea about show business, but tries her best anyway. She is a wanna be Actress and Super Star Diva who tries to live vicariously through her daughter. Momma wants to be part of her daughter's life in every way shape and form. When it comes to NEW love interests, she especially wants to be a part of that. Like Mother, Like Daughter.

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