A True Arts in Education program with the excellence of a Broadway production. Sylvia's Encouraging and Inspirational program wrapped around the charm and comedy of ventriloquism will leave the children laughing and engaged in the topic at hand. A true production masterpiece with valuable instructional information? Doesn't get any better than that.

FUN WITH LEARNING "I Refuse to Hate"
(Anti-Bullying program)

Sylvia's bullying program is aimed at creating a climate in the schools in which students feel safe and comfortable initiating discussions of bullying with teachers, parents and students. This innovative program encourages students to discuss and open up about the fear and anxiety that bullying causes both in and out of school. By using unique puppets along with the art of Ventriloquism, Sylvia creates an open invitation to listen, learn and talk about different bullying styles. The program has also been written to build an awareness of the consequences as well as effects of such bullying actions on students, teachers and parents.

Puppets include the Notorious Stega-Dragon called Smolder, and many other exciting and inspiring characters.

The Program Includes: Music, Storytelling, and Theater Arts while conveying the message of bullying and its effects on schools and society.Research Facts: Only one in five kids will admit to bullying or being bullied. The most common trait among socially and psychologically disturbed kids is bullying. In nearly all of the cases where there has been violence in schools, those students involved have a long history of bullying. In schools where fear and anxiety are the norm, students can't learn and achieve.

(by Drone Hot Shots & Extreme Heli Freaks)

If you are looking for a science program that incorporates real world technologies along with fun and excitement, look no further. We use a state of the art DRONE, along with Remote Controlled Helicopters to educate and entertain. These flying machines are built and flown by master pilot and educator Chris Fletcher (creator of Drone Hot Shots and The first Flying Puppet).

The program introduces children to the science behind these flying machines through flight demonstrations and discussion. See an actual DRONE hexicopter fly, watch in amazement as a Helicopter does things that are against the laws of physics. View the world around you through the eyes of the drone as it takes flight utilizing GPS, FPV (First Person View) and iOSD (Intelligent On Screen Display) technology to record and transfers images to the ground station from great distances.

A show for all ages and all grade levels (Grade Level Specific Topics).

**Contains NYS learning standards for Core Curriculum in Engineering Design, Information
Systems, Science, Physics, and Chemistry
**Topics in Energy, Aerodynamic, gravity, lift, torque, circuits, discharge, electrical
components etc.


(Grades K-6)

Learning the rewards of reading through Laughter.....

Sylvia's reading program inspires elementary school-aged children to get interested in reading and to explore the exciting possibilities that can come from books. This innovative program encourages reading by using lively fun colorful puppet characters, along with the art of Ventriloquism , audience participation, and of Course.... Laughter!!

Students will be talking about this program for weeks to come after they experience the Fun of Sylvia and The Magic Trunk!!

Grades 3-5

You've seen Sylvia's Show and NOW it's your turn !!! This hands on Program helps students use their talents and imagination to create their own puppet and develop a multi-dimensional Character.

Students will first watch this 45 minute show, create their own puppets, and then discover on paper what makes their puppets tick.

Length of program: 1hour 45 minutes
45 minute show / 1hour workshop

School Show Prices: Other available programs:
$650.00 – $950.00 includes 2 show.
(Travel may apply).
Space requirements:
10x10 ft is the minimum space required.

"Character Education"
(Grades K-6)
The six pillars of Character Education.

"Fun with numbers"
(Grades k-6)
Encourages fun with math.

"Career in Theatre"
(Grades 6-12)
A look inside a career in the arts.

See letters from 6th- 12th graders

Chris and Sylvia - Educational Expertise

Sylvia's husband Chris has a Masters of Science degree in Instructional Technology and Media Management along with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Teacher Education. He is a New York State Tenured Teacher who was heavily involved with Curriculum Development and Regents Test writing for The NYS Education Department. His expertise and experience in curriculum development along with Sylvia's remarkable talents in delivering the programs through her art of Ventriloquism blend together to deliver the most educationally exciting show in the schools today. Students love the show and teachers and principals alike are both amazed and excited about this ensemble of talent and their ability to deliver these programs in an educationally exciting, stimulating and funny way.

While growing up in California, Sylvia used puppets and ventriloquism to entertain herself. She learned the skill entirely From reading books and practicing, a fact that she stresses on school and library visits. Sylvia never outgrew her puppet passion. Today , she uses puppetry to inspire and entertain children to do something worthwhile, READ!!!!

Reaction to the program:

"We Love the show everytime she comes!"
- (5th year) Morrisonville Elementary, NY (Over Coming Test Anxiety)

"Best Assembly we've ever had!" Great for ALL Grades!
- AuSable Forks Elementary School, NY (Over Coming Test Anxiety)

Wow !! Absolutely Spectacular Presentation and very Entertaining....Kids were Locked the entire time!"
- Moriah Elementary School, NY (Over Coming Test Anxiety)

"Fabulous Presentation and Great Message!" / One Child mentioned...." It was the Best Day of My Life!"
- Smith Clove Elementary, NY (PARP Program)

"We can't get enough of the Magic Trunk!"
- 4th year, Dorothy Nolan Elementary, NY (PARP Program)

" Our Teachers and Kids just Love you !"
- 4th year , Maine Memorial Elementary, NY ( Anti-Bullying Program)

" A Special Topic that we knew YOU could Present in a Positive way and once again.....YOU DID ! We Love you !"
- Ann Mcguinness Elementary, Ny (Anti-Bullying Program) 4th year

"I truly believe that your program inspired these kids to read. They more than doubled the amount of books those last two weeks! Keep up the good work!!!"
- Canajoharie Library

"The word " class act" were mentioned time again! It was particularly rewarding to me that you made such a great effort to tie books into your program and you did it so effectively !!"
- Bethlehem Library

"I thought it was terrific that you encouraged the children to try new hobbies and pursue their interests by reading about them at the library. We appreciate your assistance in reinforcing the value of reading."
- Glenville Library

"The program fit great with getting kids to read and I appreciate how you incorporated books into your program. All in all you have a first rate show!!"
- Voorheesville Library

"You did a great job involving the audience. As one parent said " I liked the way she tailored her program to talk about books. The kids loved this program !!! "
-Guilderland Library

"Sylvia is gut busting fun. She will bring tears to your eyes. We recommend her for assemblies at all schools!!"
-Cambridge Central School District

"Excellent Program as usual. Great for all ages."
-Rome City School District

"A Master of her art"
-Long Island School District

"Sylvia was gut busting fun, she brought tears to our eyes. All age appropriate. We recommend her for all School assemblies."
-Cambridge , NY Reading Department